Where we create new patterns, open new opportunities, and reach new milestones

New Patterns ABA was established with the sole mission being, to improve the lives of  individuals on the autism spectrum.  We provide top quality ABA services in home, school, and community settings.  Our behavior specialists utilize Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), which takes a multi-step approach to assist children in overcoming difficulties with communication, social skills, and other areas of development. We provide a comprehensive individualized treatment plan that considers the needs of both the child and family.

Here, we create new patterns, open new opportunities, and reach new milestones. 




To maximize your child's progress, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will conduct ongoing data based evaluations to identify and design an individualized treatment plan with attainable goals specifically for your child.  


Individualized ABA therapy can help your child learn social skills, positive behaviors, communication and increased focus.  The Direct Care can be provided at our clinic, your child's school, or in the comfort of your home.


Social Skills Group provides our clients who have social difficulties with direct social skills instruction as well as immediate opportunities to practice the skills they have learned.  We work with the participants to address communication and social skills that empower them to develop rewarding personal relationships.


Each of our patients are eligible for this personalized service. Parent/Family Training will help families learn the new learning style being implemented on their child, thereby empowering the family unit.

Find your calling with a career in helping children be all they can be. 

 New Patterns ABA  is comprised of top quality BCBAs and RBTs, and has a solid administrative team.   We value training and education and provide a positive and collaborative work environment. 

Here we create New Patterns, open new opportunities and reach new milestones. 

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